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Early Years Funding Entitlement

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Chiddingfold Village Nursery School,

The Village Hall, Coxcombe Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey, GU8 4QA

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Registered Charity Number 1029419

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Once your child begins the full term after their 3rd birthday, they will be eligible for the universal 'Early Years Funded Entitlement'. This qualifies your child for up to 15 funded hours a week at nursery.  We are also offering some places under the Government's new scheme "+ 15 hours".


At Chiddingfold Village Nursery we offer you flexible solutions to how you use your universal 15 hours. We will aim to offer flexibility for additional funded hours....For example you may use your "+ 15 hours" at Breakfast Club.


If you are not eligible for a + 15 hours place then you can, of course, extend your hours above the universal 15 hours offer and pay our hourly rate for additional hours.


Please check to see whether you are eligible for "+15 hours" and to find out about tax-free childcare.


For more information on 'Early Years Free Entitlement' please  contact either Debbie Wallbank at the nursery or the Department for Education (DfE) 


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