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Food & Snacks

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During the session the children take turns to help prepare a variety of healthy snack options. These are available to the group from 10am along with a drink of milk or water.  


Hand washing

Hand washing is an important part of our routine before snacks and meals.     We ensure snacks and meal times are social events at which children and adults eat together. Drinking water is available throughout the morning.  



At the start of each term parents are invited to make a cash donation towards the healthy snacks we provide. These snacks are varied and include fresh fruit, dried fruit, toast, pitta bread and bagels. We, of course, take into account any food allergies in our choice of snacks and follow the Government’s guidance using the Food Based Standards. (

Lunch time

From 11.45am children collect their lunch box from the trolley and sit down at the table to eat with their friends and staff. Our afternoon intake of children arriving at 11.45 pm self-register and join the group to enjoy the social occasion at lunchtime.


Ice packs

Please include an ice pack in your child's lunch box to keep perishable foods fresh.  We do not have facilities to refrigerate foods at nursery.


Promoting healthy eating

We would very much like to promote healthy eating and request that sweet drinks, sweets and chocolate treats are not provided in lunch boxes. You can always provide these when you collect your child if you wish.  As our policy states, we reserve the right to remove these from a child's lunch box until collection time.


No peanuts

We request that no peanut products are included in your child’s lunch box because of contact with children who may have food allergies.

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